Nick Martin is a composer living in Copenhagen. He holds a Bachelor in Composition from the Royal Academy of Music in London, where his teacher was Simon Bainbridge, and a Masters degree in Composition from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, where his teachers were Bent Sørensenand Hans Abrahamsen.

He formed the Nick Martin Ensemble in 2017, and together they recorded and released their first record, ‘Separation’ in 2018.

Lo Ersare is a Swedish alternative vocalist and composer originally from Umeå based in Denmark since 2014. She works independently as a diverse artist who moves in-between a broad spectrum of musical genres such as: free-improvisation, Jazz, electronic ambient, indie-pop, urban, choir music and singer-songwriter. Since 2016 she has appeared on 10 albums ranging from jazz-spiritual 6:tet, Bulgarian choir compositions for 5 voices, duo vocal-electronic improvisations, noise rock projects and post-classical minimalistic music. 

Lo is an active part of the music scene in Copenhagen playing concerts every month as well as holding weekly classes or workshops in vocal improvisation and voice embodiments.

Ania Rybacka is a Polish multi-genre vocalist, and award winning jazz musician, who has been recognised for her storytelling and creativity at vocal competitions in Finland, Poland, Germany, and Turkey. Graduating from the danish Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Ania has spent the last eight  years living in Denmark, performing with artists and constellations such as the Odense Symphony Orchestra, the Danish Radio Big Band, Adam Rudolph, Kresten Osgood, Anders Filipsen, Stefan Pasborg, Frederik Lundin, the Nephilim Ensemble, the vocal ensemble GLAS, and many others. She released her first album ‘Synesthesia’ (2014)) with original music as a part of the trio Sphere, and since 2015 she has been working on the study of voice/movement improvisation, which lead to her improvised album “Havet”(2017) with Lo Ersare and the experimental “Voice’n’Drums” album with Stefan Pasborg (2018). She has two master degrees: in Music Performance from Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen (2016), and in psychology from University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw (2010). She works both as an artist and as a therapist, and you can read about her clinical practice here: www.annarybacka.dk

Hanne Marie le Fevre is a Danish performance artist and classically trained mezzo soprano who mainly works in the field of early and contemporary music. She is educated at the Royal Academies in Aarhus and Copenhagen (DK) with teachers Bodil Øland and Marianne Rørholm. Abroad she has studied over four years with soprano Valérie Guillorit in Paris and at the Schola Cantorum in Basel, Switzerland.

Hanne is a regular used soloist in various oratorio works all over the country and works experimentally with other musicians and artists with her voice as the media. As a physical artist she does works, installations and performances in cross-aesthetic collaborations with both musicians rooted in different genres, actors, writers and dancers. Mentionable collaborations include Finnish writer and performer Maarit Mustonen, soprano and composer Katinka Fogh Vindelev and composer Jeppe Ernst.As an ensemble singer Hanne is, besides being a part of Thou Art A Vessel, a regular member of the world renowned vocal ensemble ARS NOVA Copenhagen, Holmens Choir and Vocal Ensemble and Musica Ficta.

Mika Persdotter is a violist / viola d’amore player, improviser and songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden. She is currently living in Copenhagen and works as a freelance musician within different genres, projects and groups. She holds a Bachelor of performing arts from the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, and a Masters degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen. Since 2016, she has been a fixed member of the string quartet Halvcirkel. She is also a member of the collective Damkapellet, and string trio STÖK. She has played with among others, the Copenhagen Phil, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Concerto Copenhagen, Karlsson Barock, Vadstena Summer Opera Orchestra and the Baltic Youth Philharmonic.

Nicole Hogstrand is a classically educated cellist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She began playing the cello at the age of nine in Piteå, north Sweden. She continued her studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen under prof. Morten Zeuthen, Toke Møldrup, Jakob Kullberg and Ingemar Brantelid, followed by studies under prof. Hans Jensen, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. She holds a Masters degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2016, where she studied chamber music with prof. Tim Frederiksen, Jens Elvekjær, associate prof. Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider. She appears in different constellations such as the collaborative ensemble Halvcirkel and also Trio Kå, which focuses on early classical music for string trio. She also works creatively in other directions such as contemporary music, pop and other art forms, with artists as Kentaur, Brigaden, Maja Gry, Øya and Frisk Frugt.